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The Dangerous Jane's Way.

(Class currently not scheduled, please request.)

Tom Kha Gai (chicken in coconut milk soup) is another glorious Thai soup known and beloved by many. Due to the rarity of galangal in State College, this class is available while supply lasts.  
How many soups in the world calls for over a dozen of ingredients? Learn to balance the flavors of my homegrown exotic herbs not found hundreds of miles away. 
This soup is for spicy food lovers and is not recommended for anyone with a weak stomach. A modification in the recipe will not deliver a guaranteed and tested outcome. 

Course includes:
  • GoogleMeet login to your remote learning, equipped with GoPro technology for the multi-view experience.

  • Organic meal kit (everything you'll need except you must provide your own (1/4 lb.) poultry). 

  • Bonus* recipe card with your initials upon completion. (Live lesson only.)

What you can expect:

Sharing food is probably the highest form of love in Thai culture. A Thai dinner is very communal, comprising of varieties of dishes from meat to seafood. The Soup is always served together with other entrées. If you're planning to feed a whole family, please prepare other main dishes ahead of time or after class.
You are encouraged to learn to cook with your loved ones. Appreciation for food can develop at any point in life, but the best time is when you are young. 

A central location for your meal kit pick-up will be available after your registration. You will need to pick up your kit the morning of class.

What you will need:
  • Reliable internet connection.

  • Quart cooking pot (please no non-stick–Teflon coating is not part of the recipe).

  • Wooden spatula.

  • Cutting board, knife, and cleaver.

Guaranteed success:

If you are purchasing this class with the full meal kit, we’ll be using the exact ingredients to ensure a successful outcome! Please use pastured poultry for best quality. If your dish doesn’t come out right, I'll make it right! 





Disclaimer: consuming only Thai food may cause you to lose weight and be happy!

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