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Every native Italian that tried this recipe all fought for the last piece.

Photo Credits: Janejira Kalsmith

Tiramisù means "pick-me-up," so if you're feeling the holiday blues, this recipe may help!


Tiramisù is my absolute most favorite cake in the world—it's why I married an Italian and became an eventual citizen of Bella Italia.​ I invite you to try out my ideal traditional recipe. I'll be logging in from Italy to show you all the many secrets that took me years to perfect!

What you can expect:

Lots of fun during class and a delicious cake for you (and your loved ones) to enjoy the following day. (I normally make it a day ahead.)

What you will need:
  • Means to make espresso prior to beginning of class.

  • Good mood makes good food.

Guaranteed success:

Those who have tried the cake, all begged for more. I am confident you will enjoy it too. Follow along and we'll have fun!


Disclaimer: you are responsible for your safety when operating any kitchen tools & machinery. It is dangerous to consume raw and uncooked eggs due to salmonella poisoning. By participating in this class, you automatically agree not to sue JANEJIRA and family for any kitchen accidents and foodborne illness that may incur. Cook with care!

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