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Makrut lime leaves

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Products for purchase:


  • Sticky rice 5 lb. bag ($8)

  • Dried red chili (3.5 oz for $5. Great for TomYum, Laab, and for making curry paste from scratch)

  • Frozen Makrut Thai lime leaves $13

  • Fresh Makrut Thai lime leaves $16 (summer only)

  • Frozen Finger Ginger Grachai $4

  • Curries: Panang, Green curry, Red curry. ($2.75/can)

  • Pudd Thai noodles $2.75

  • Chaokoh coconut milk $3

Too busy to shop on your own?
Meal kits exclude meat proteins due to licensing.

Pudd Thai meal kit
Curry meal kit
Tom Yum herb kit

Laab (Larb) herb kit

Pickup day/time:

Either Saturday or Sunday mornings when there is a scheduled class.

Please email me your order:




Makrut Thai Lime Leaves

Through my culinary teaching, I'm proud to be the first to introduce this magical herb to Happy Valley. Honesty and authenticity are part of the core of my work. Due to limited supply and production, my students will have priority in line.

This tropical plant is about 20 years old. Its height is just above my waist, which goes to show you their slow growth in our cold climate. They go dormant during winter, even with glow light!


Mushroom Grow Kits


Here are some staples from my pantry which are available in any Asian market. Click on the images to see descriptions.


If you're a local to State College, PA, you're in luck for some of the best meats in the USA. I have connected with these farmers personally, and I'll tell you that they work with genuine passion. You can't go wrong with these locally grown stocks as they've been raised and slaughtered humanely. I believe it's vital to consume the best quality meats, but less of it. 

Chicken from DDD Homestead. Dan, the chicken man, will deliver your order right to your door every other Tuesday. Email:



898 Upper Pole Cat Rd, Howard, PA 16841

Cow-a-Hen farm may be found at the Boalsburg farmers market every Tuesday afternoon.

A great place for pork (and birds) is Rimmey Rd. Farm, in Centre Hall. They just opened a retail shop on site but steady hours aren't yet established. You may order online, or get home deliveries.

We don't consume much beef but a trusted source recommends Nittany Meats.

Please tell these farmers that I sent you!

I do not receive any royalties or discounts from any of the brands listed on this page. I partner with people who are passionate about their product.

Sweet Tooth?

Many Westerners don't understand Asian desserts; Asian desserts are often low in sugar and use legumes or fresh fruits. Desserts such as buns are typically served as a snack or breakfast.

We love Chew Chew Bun.

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