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In our travels around the country and around the world we've tasted a wide variety of cuisines. And yet our favorite dish of all is one we've tasted at the home of our friend Janejira Kalsmith, right here in State College. The flavors in Jane's Thai beef salad are perfectly balanced -- the fragrant liveliness of the Kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass and cilantro, complemented by the heat of red peppers and the beautiful way in which these and other spices combine perfectly with the meat. It's magic in the form of a beef salad, brought to you by an expert chef.

– Murali Haran & Frances Blanchette


I so enjoyed your cooking class and Alan and I delighted in eating the wonderful Thai salad. I think the kaffir leaves really made it special.

– K. Taylor

I really liked the things that I wouldn't know from a recipe, and any tips and secrets to making it great. I also liked seeing the proper ingredients to buy. When you brought in the lemon grass, that was so interesting.

– H. Sterner


I'm writing to say thanks for a really fantastic class on Sunday.  We loved the meal and we'll definitely cook it again! We loved your teaching style.

Thanks for your wonderful cooking, your teaching and your patience!

– Helen G. and James T.

Janejira's cooking is authentic and absolutely fabulously delicious! To top it off, the chef herself is funny, knowledgeable and awesome!

– L. Panait

We really enjoyed how Janejira explained everything step by step:) We loved the flavor!! Was amazing! Would definitely sign up again! So much fun!

– Shannon & Jeff Zinn

I really enjoy the background and the stories you tell. And the food is fantastic! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me/ us! :)

– T. Lindsley

I loved your explanation of hello in Thai, and how to eat with the fork & spoon, those insights are really interesting. It all went really smoothly & I hope your classes continue to go well!!!

– M. Ellis

Your curry was amazing! Best lunch I've had in a long time!

– J. Haloua

Food turned out delicious and having all the ingredients selected and packaged for us was really quite luxurious!

– Frances Blanchette

We thought it was a great class. It is important to stick with the time frame. It would also help to have a written recipe in order to follow along. We don't have a cleaver and weren't expecting to break down the chicken but luckily, my husband was there. I don't eat or prepare a lot of meat. We would opt to use already ground meat (perhaps subbing ground turkey for homemade ground chicken). The classes are a monetary investment for us. However, we recognize the value. Providing our own food will help defray the costs while still getting this amazing knowledge and recipes. These opportunities have been wonderful learnings for us that we have incorporated into our weekly meal planning. Thanks!

– T. Falls

It was such a treat to take this class! I had never made a curry dish before and had no idea such a flavorful meal could be prepared so simply! Curry in a Hurry will definitely be one of my “go to” dishes from now on. Thank you, Janejira!

– Julie Haloua, Spectacles F.Y.I

I've always loved Thai food, at least I thought I was eating great Thai until I met Janejira's larb.  The tastebud sensation was a new experience!  Her teaching style is punctuated by the authenticity of her heart.  Fresh local ingredients accent her unique recipes.  Treat yourself to a class and taste for yourself!

– Monica Gastiger, RE Farm Café

Thanks for the cooking lesson, Janejira.

Laura and I had a lot of fun and the curry tasted great! We plan to join you for a future lesson!

– Terrence G.

What a pleasure to take more than one serving of Eggplant Parmesan! Your version is what one should aim for...tasty, light, and good looking. This healthy unique recipe will bring you the joy to take more than one serving without feeling guilty!

– Chef Steph G., Penn State University

Janejira takes you on a culinary adventure with her cooking. The food was delicious and I learned how to cook better Thai food while learning about the origins of the foods we used in the meal. I can't wait to take another class!

– Elizabeth Hay, CEO Techknowserv

Janejira's curry is amazingly complex, a treat for the senses and easy on your stomach. If you're used to eating Thai food in State College, you get either watered down sauce straight out of a jar, or insane spice that drowns out all the other flavors. Janejira's cooking is a master class in the subtlety of Thai cuisine - you can literally feel different spices on different parts of your tongue. The freshness of the ingredients also shines through - each bite a delicious morsel that makes you feel like you are in a tropical clime. If it doesn't have you licking the curry sauce off the plate, you should go get a COVID test ASAP. 

– Kate Zipp

I love the personalized recipe card. Your artwork is lovely! 

I like the Parmigiana class a lot. My dish didn’t look as beautiful as yours, but it indeed tasted good. LOL

– Yanni Cao

The class was fun and it was easy to follow. I love eggplant parmesan and this is the best I have ever had.

– Lorri Rocco

Great Pad Thai! Loved the class and the the dish we made.

– Terrence G.

"The combination of raw shrimp meat and spicy peppers and garlic still amazes me. This dish has shock power in more ways than one."

– A. Grajdeanu

On Pudd Thai:

Thank you! It was fun, easy to follow instruction, and delicious!

– Mary Coyne

Pudd Thai was great yesterday!

– Scott Hildebrand

It was very fun to try something new especially with fish that I find intimidating. You keep things very casual, friendly, and informative. Thank you!

– Lynn Bertram

What a wonderful experience! Janejira is so knowledgeable and friendly, and the food was amazing!

– Caitlyn Arway

Great class and easy recipe

– Ted Palada

Thank you, as always for sharing your knowledge and expertise. It was very yummy...and there are a lot of leftovers to enjoy over the next few days. Trudy :)

– Trudy Lindsley

This was a great way to spend a Sunday evening. It was fun to see everyone cooking, and at the end, we all got to eat our delicious food! Cheers to Jane for bringing new recipes and fun into many homes.

– Clio Andris

Such a great class! We really enjoyed!

– Caitlin Samson

Our cooking experience was fabulous! It was relaxing, fun and so inspiring! We will definitely be taking more classes!

Jennifer Brauser

On Pudd Thai:

Even though I had trouble keeping up, I really enjoyed learning from you--about the foods, about your mother, about the country and its cuisine.

C. Shaler

On Pudd Thai:

Excellent and clear presentation. Going to make it this weekend. I also realized I bought the wrong tofu! :-)

James Ryan

It was so good and so fun to make!
Pudd Thai cooking class with Chef Janejira was a success!!!
I highly recommend this
She’s wonderful and you will enjoy to cook her authentic Thai dishes at the comfort of your home. 
— Hector Cruz

Just wanted to let you know that the drunken noodles were fantastic! The Pudd Thai and red curry were very good, but Laura and I liked this dish best. There were no left-overs. Can't wait to make the drunken noodles again. Thanks!

– Terrence G.

Thanks again for a great class last night!  My husband loved it - and my daughter was jealous, so I will definitely be making that again (maybe even a little spicier next time!).

— L. Stone

I got the meal kit, and I am really glad I did...I could easily follow and learn what she was demonstrating. It is also nice to get advice on which brands have the best flavor and texture.”
— M. Wujek

Learning to make this on my own feels so empowering. I don’t have to go to a restaurant to make high quality drunken noodles. It’s now one of my essential recipes.


I now can take this skill and share it with my friends and family. I can show up with relatively few ingredients and make an amazing meal. I feel like a superhero. 

— Ben N. (private lesson)

Thank you Janejira for sharing your knowledge and making this such a wonderful experience. If you enjoy cooking highly recommend her! 

— Claire & Ron (private lesson)

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