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Cooking for Happiness

Bullseye target with the word "happiness" written in the center..
Bullseye target for happiness.

Why is cooking so important?

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A favorite song makes you want to dance and sing along. A favorite book takes your imagination to different places. A favorite image hypnotizes your mind. These are small things that bring on various sensations, and they are attainable pleasures you can give to yourself. But, do you ever think about creating intense excitement for your taste buds?

An award-winning film transports you into another reality; the visuals are eye-candy; the sound effects are ear-candy; when your senses are aroused by these combinations, you can even imagine an aroma or flavor!

When happiness comes in the form of taste, it's like a symphony you bring to your palette. The dynamic combinations of varying flavors will elevate you to a new dimension. And THAT will be the taste that gives a long-lasting impression you will want to replicate again and again.

Our palette is sophisticated; it can experience nine distinct flavors: sweet, salty, spicy, sour, neutral, umami, bitter, tart, and mun! The word "mun" has a deep translation in Thai cuisine; it doesn't just define ingredients, flavor, and texture, but also an emotion! Similar to the sensation you feel when eating popcorn or potato chips—you can't stop after one bite! However, balancing the eight flavors is indeed an art form that requires years of training to reach mastery.

Janejira is your kitchen translator—an ambassador of Thai flavors. At Janejira's Kitchen, you do not just cook a meal, but you embark on a new journey to an unknown space. You do not need to book a flight to Thailand. During class, you go on a (virtual) mini escape. Enable yourself with life-changing yet easy-to-follow recipes. Learn step-by-step how to orchestrate and navigate gourmet art to achieve the best foundation you can ever imagine. Part of the magic is in the meal kit, which includes homegrown organic herbs not found locally in State College, PA. It is the cheapest ticket to the Far East. You'll walk out with new knowledge, skills, and wealth for your health. Learn and understand the meaning of authentic Thai cuisine. Learn to incorporate all eight flavors—all at once—and your palette will reach complete ecstasy.

Cook for your happiness; for your mouth, mind, body, and spirit. Excite your taste buds with Janejira's Kitchen!

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