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Pizza Napoletana



An Italian Job.

(You don't need a brick oven, but

a pizza stone is mandatory for
this class.)

Photo Credits:

A family recipe of generations, perfected by Guido di Napoli—my husband! 
Due to cooking duration, this class is prerecorded for your convenience. Login from where ever and whenever. 
If you're a pizza lover, this class will show in easy-to-follow steps how to perfect the style of pizza that originated in Naples, Italy. 
A picture is worth a thousand words. You've seen it, you've been dreaming about it, now come to learn, and to taste your dream!
What you can expect:

You will receive the link to your online class as soon as the reservation is made.

Our demo utilizes OONI Koda 12. It can cook a pizza in under a minute. (This machine is for outdoor use. While it's recommended due to its awesomeness, it's not mandatory in this class.) 

What you will need:
  • Pizza stone and all necessary pizza-making tools.

Guaranteed success:

The provided instruction and recipes have been tried and tested for decades. If your pizza doesn't turn out right, please email and describe your problem(s), we'll try to troubleshoot and get back to you as soon as possible. Please be mindful of timezone differences.

A short video preview for your pleasure.


Disclaimer: you are responsible for your safety when operating any kitchen tools & machinery. It is dangerous to operate an outdoor oven indoor. By participating in this class, you automatically agree not to sue JANEJIRA and family for any kitchen accidents that may incur. Cook with care!

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