My Favorite Thai Street Food
is Coming to Your Kitchen!

"Todd" means "deep fry." "Mun" describes a feeling of taste (and flavor) that you can't stop eating when you start (like eating potato chips or popcorn, you can't just eat one—it's that feeling). In Thai cuisine, we identify "mun" as one of the seven flavors. "Pla" means "fish."
You should use white fish for this class, but never Cod!
If you book before August 1st, you will earn a spirit point reward for this on-demand lesson.
Course includes:​
  • Bonus* recipe card with your initials upon completion.

What you can expect:
The magic in this dish is in the exotic herbs. Herb kit will be available until August 2, 2021. It won't become available again until January 5, 2022. Your on-demand lesson will be ready in mid September. ​

What you will need:
  • Frying pan/wok/deep fryer (air fryer is not okay)

  • Spatula.

  • Cutting board and knife.

  • Kitchen-aid mixer (optional). 

Guaranteed success:

100% success rate is guaranteed only if you purchase the full meal kit with your lesson. That way, we'll be using the exact ingredients. If your dish doesn’t come out right, I'll make it right!

Disclaimer: consuming only Thai food may cause you to lose weight and be happy!