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My Favorite Thai
Street Food!

"Todd" means "deep fry" and "mun" describes a taste and feel of inertia when you can't stop eating (like eating potato chips or popcorn—it's that feeling).
In Thai cuisine, we identify "mun" as one of the nine flavors humans can experience. "Pla" means "fish."
Choice of meat: shrimps or white fish (however, cod is not recommended).
What you will need:
  • Frying pan/wok/deep fryer (air fryer is not okay)

  • Spatula.

  • Cutting board and knife.

  • Kitchen-aid mixer or food processor (recommended). 


Recipe cards are not offered with On-Demand lessons.

For a limited time only, this pre-recorded class (unlike others) will earn one Spirit point.

Guaranteed success:

100% success rate is guaranteed only if you purchase the herb kit with your lesson. If your dish doesn’t come out right, I'll make it right!

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