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Chicken and Rice Recipe

(Please anticipate about 1.5 hours long for this class.)

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On this mini journey to Thailand, you'll learn about the culture and cuisine while following along in creating one of Thailand's most beloved dishes: Chicken & Rice!
Did you know?
Pudd Thai (Pad Thai) is popular among foreigners, while Chicken & Rice is the go-to dish for Thai nationals. This dish suits all palettes in the family.
Empower yourself and login to learn (more facts) and cook with a loved one on this little virtual getaway. 
Open to all participants as exotic ingredients are not required, but they still need access to an Asian market for some of the sauces. Please share this eye-opening opportunity with anyone you know who loves chicken.
Course includes:
  • GoogleMeet login to your remote learning, equipped with GoPro technology for the multi-view experience.

  • Bonus* recipe card with your initials upon completion.

  • You'll earn 1 spirit point.

  • A wealth of knowledge.

What you can expect:

How many servings will this recipe provide? You decide how many with a half-chicken and 3 cups of rice will feed. (I'll be using DDD Homestead chicken for this class; email Dan.Please supplement with other courses to feed a larger family.

What you will need:
  • Reliable internet connection.

  • A rice cooker that holds at least 5 cups of rice.

  • Large pot for broth.

  • Cutting board, large knife, or cleaver.

Guaranteed success:

Please purchase the meal kit for 100% satisfaction, or if you are purchasing the same ingredients and follow along my recipe, I will ensured a successful outcome! If your dish doesn’t come out right, I'll make it right!





Disclaimer: consuming only Thai food may cause you to lose weight and be happy!

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