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Learn this classic Italian dish named after the town it was originated from; Amatrice.

Photo Credits: Janejira Kalsmith

When in Rome? Go to Amatrice! That's the small town where this dish was born, but made famous by the Romans. If you're a pasta and pork (FAT) fan, this is a must conquer recipe. It's easy and the reward is GRAND in more ways than one!
What you can expect:

Lots of fun during class and a delicious meal to follow.

What you will need:
  • Good mood makes good food.

Guaranteed success:

Those who have tried the cake, all begged for more. I am confident you will enjoy it too. Follow along and we'll have fun!


Disclaimer: you are responsible for your safety when operating any kitchen tools & machinery. It is dangerous to consume fatty foods so check with your doctor first. By participating in this class, you automatically agree not to sue JANEJIRA and family for any kitchen accidents and foodborne illness that may incur. Cook with care!

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